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Structured cabling systems

In XYZ we offer design and installation of full structured cabling systems for computer networks, phones and security systems, including anti-theft alarm systems, fire alarms and video surveillance.

We built the communicational infrastructure of your office, guaranteeing reliability and quality of the wiring and the associated hardware.

Server rooms

XYZ designs, builds and offers service and support for server rooms and racks, following the established international standards and rules for quality.

We choose modern solutions according to your needs that include planning with respect to the increase in the work positions in your organization; selection of the optimal space with best characteristics; construction of air conditioning and electrical installation, emergency and security systems, etc.

Wireless networks

XYZ builds wireless networks that guarantee quality connection between your hardware devices.

This type of network allows the connection of equipment in places where the installation of traditional cabling system is difficult or impossible.

We offer complex solutions for wireless connectivity for offices, hotels, large enterprises, etc.

Weak current installations

Our services include design, installation and maintenance of weak current installations for your security and fire alarms, video surveillance, door phones and other systems that require low voltage.

XYZ guarantees security and reliability of the service as well as quality of the supplied by us equipment, including commutation and distribution panels, UPS systems, etc.