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Overall Strategy

XYZ offers implementation and management of overall IT strategy leading to complete optimization of technological resources in accordance with the needs and priorities of your business.

The management consists in planning, organizing and handling all processes associated with the IT in your organization.

The tangible investments include computers, servers, network equipment and software.

Cost optimization

XYZ builds optimization strategy with respect to the capital and operational cost for IT.

The preparation of the analysis report and the action plan, as well as the implementation of the actual changes is carried out in constant collaboration with the client.

Cost optimization may be included in any subscription based IT service plan and we guarantee maintaining the proper functioning of all systems.

Project management

XYZ offers project management regarding the implementation of different hardware and software solutions.

During the realization of the project we are responsible for the installation of newly purchased equipment and software and for the development of procedures for their usage.

Putting firstly the needs of your business, our main goal is to reduce the technical time for communication between the participants in the project.

IT Consutlancy

XYZ offers individual counseling to its clients, during which are established the specific priorities for development and problem areas in the field of IT, computer and physical security, etc.

After careful analysis of the gathered information different possibilities for hardware and software solutions tailored to his/hers priorities, capacities and needs are offered to the client.

IT Security

XYZ offers the implementation of overall strategy for IT protection. In this way the stability of the business processes, the centralized management and the resource optimization are guaranteed.

The IT security in your organization is of key importance and protects your information from hackers, malicious access, internal and external attacks that can lead to financial loss.