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Administration and maintenance

In XYZ we offer full services, maintenance and management of your computer systems.

We install, configure and manage your hardware and software optimizing the resources used as well as the performance and the security of these systems according to the needs of your business.

The service is offered to our clients in a form of monthly subscription.

Hardware service

We offer full support, diagnostics and service of your computers, servers and peripheral equipment.

We install, assemble and test the functionality of your hardware devices.

We work with the best manufacturers of hardware in the field of informational technologies ensuring the durability of your equipment.

Cloud services and virtualization

Clouds and virtualization enable you to reduce your dependency on server and computer hardware without disturbing the working rhythm of your employees.

You get more control and flexibility when managing your systems, increasing the security of your IT infrastructure while reducing the costs.

After a full assessment of your business needs we offer you fully personalized and optimized service.

Reaction to accidents

With this subscription based plan you get 24/7 reaction during incidents, affecting the processes in your organization, including problems with software, computers, servers, network equipment, telephony, security systems and video surveillance.

Our team responds immediately solving problems caused by accidents, power surge, natural disasters, hacker attacks, human errors, etc.


In XYZ you can get secured from hacker attacks web hosting for corporate websites, e-mail and other Internet services.

Sabotage, industrial espionage, theft of corporate data and confidential information, no matter what the reason is, the cyber-attacks are continually growing.

We can offer you an adequate corporate solution for your servers.