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Video surveillance

In XYZ we offer complete planning, building and maintenance of systems for video surveillance for your office, warehouse, factory, hotel, etc.

We deliver full range of analog and IP DVR devices and cameras. We build and offer equipment for centres for video surveillance and monitoring.

Security alarm systems

For the safety of your business we offer planning, supply and installation of security alarm systems.

We work with the best manufacturers of control panels, keypads, sensors, modules, sirens, magnetic contacts, batteries, devices for perimeter security, cables and accessories.

After a careful analysis of the type of business, the purpose of the guarded perimeter and its characteristics, we provide diverse possible solutions to our clients.

Access control

The basic applications of the access control systems are raising the security in your building or specific zones or premises of it as well as providing control over the entry and exit of your employees.

In XYZ we offer planning and construction of custom access control systems with centralized controller for offices, office buildings, garages, server rooms, etc.

Fire Alarms

XYZ offers its clients complete servicing in the field of fire detection including planning, delivery and installation.

In case you already have a fire alarm system we can offer you diagnostics, maintenance and service in accordance with the legal requirements.

After installation we also offer trainings to your personal in accordance with normative regulations.