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VoIP servers and telephone exchanges

XYZ builds systems that support voice communication and multimedia sessions through IP networks. The so called IP or Internet telephony drastically reduces the costs compared to the traditional telephony and it is much more reliable.

Our VoIP solutions completely replace the conventional telephone exchanges, creating a totally wireless telephone network that allows you to walk around the territory of your organization even in larger territories.

Call centers

XYZ offers software and hardware services including design, construction and maintenance of call centers.

We provide solutions that include interactive voice response systems, monitoring of incoming calls, call recording, data analysis, etc.

Conference systems

XYZ develops overall solutions for video and audio conference systems that include software and hardware components.

The solutions are diverse depending on factor like the number of participants, the quality of the video, the active participants, etc.

In terms of hardware devices we deliver different types of cameras, screens, microphones and speakers.