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Independence from technology

Complete independence from any technical problems of computers.

If there is any technical problem the user simply needs to sit on another working place and keep working from the point that he got before interrupting work.

The files and all the software is installed and works from a much more secured and reliable server than an ordinary computer.

Virus Protection

99% protection of viruses and malicious software.

Viruses and malware, most of which can be realized only on server, cannot affect your virtual desktop because of the many embedded into each other protections.

The protection is established following the best corporative practices against malicious code and includes ban on recording, editing, installation and launching of new unknown software that is different from the preinstalled.

Minimization of human errors

Backup up copies of all documents and software

All documents and software from the virtual desktop are backed up automatically every 24 h.

In addition, the changes of every file in private or shared folders on the virtual desktop are kept as old versions and can be easily accessed by the user.

This in combination with the protection of malware reduces to minimum the possibility of a human error.

Prevention from disloyal employees

The system allows monitoring of the work of the employees.

You can receive full statistics about the work of every user such as with which software or document he/she has worked with and when.

Logs are created for every file operation – creating, reading, editing and deleting files.

Prevention against hacker attacks

The connection to the virtual desktop is encrypted with certificate in the same way as the online banking.

The access to the computer is accomplished with a smart card similar to the digital signature.

This guarantees that unauthorized people cannot gain access to your documents.

Access from every device

You can connect to your virtual Windows desktop from every computer, tablet or smartphone.

The virtual desktop only carries the screen and the keyboard to the device through which you access it.

No matter whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iPhone/iPad, you can use your Windows programs like if you were sitting at a computer.

Access from any point of the world

Whether you are at your office, at home or on a business trip in abroad you can access your documentation and software at any time.

The only thing that you need in order to connect to your virtual desktop is an Internet connection.

You are no longer tied to the office desk and you can offer flexible working time to your employees.